Spirit Fruit ~ Gentleness

In His Shadow

In His Shadow

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls – For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
(Mathew 11:29-30)

Have you ever been challenged by the demands of a highly energetic and independent two year old? Recently over lunch, my friend Sandy was sharing a story of a day spent with her rambunctious two year old granddaughter. After a full day of chasing this energetic bundle of joy Sandy confessed, “she had been challenged and she was well worn”. She needed rest and wasn’t sure if she could keep up with the trials of a toddler. She mentioned that her granddaughter was nearing “that age”, in which, unbridled two year old independence would soon require a form of “grandmotherly discipline”. As she pondered this realization, Sandy shared how she wanted the discipline for her granddaughter, to reflect the same discipline that had been bestowed on her by her Grandmother. Sandy’s remembrance of the life of her Grandmother, and the story that followed, was both heartfelt and stirring.

Sandy’s grandmother had lived to be 102; long enough to witness the birth of many great-great grandchildren – sixty four to be exact. Her life had been lovingly described as one of devotion, hard work, kindness, patience, love, trust and respect. Her grandmother’s form of discipline compelled respect from all. Not respect harshly demanded, as a right of status, but gently and subtly executed from a humble, loving, and gentle spirit. Her grandmother’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren responded to her gentle discipline with respect and now loving remembrance. Sandy ended her reminisce of her precious Grandmother by mentioning that in her Grandmother’s life of 102 years, never had an unkind word been spoken.

I was mesmerized by the story of this beloved Grandmother and her devotion to a life in gentleness.  A long life well lived, so impressionable, so deeply rooted, and creating this deepest of desire in Sandy to emulate her Grandmother’s own gentleness of spirit.  What a lasting and loving legacy to leave!

Gentle and loving Lord, you are the essence of this gentleness, and this is your desire for all of us, as we learn to emulate you. I confess this is a legacy that I have not attained, for there are times when my soul demands it’s right to be right. But it doesn’t mean my race is over. Like Sandy, I desire this gentle spirit and yearn to learn it’s ways through you. Precious Lord, continue to create in me a forgiving heart, teach me your ways, and pour into me your gentle and loving spirit. ~Amen :Y

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