About ~ Paradigms and Other Roots

Vessels of the Seed

Vessels of the Seed

Paradigms ~ I confess, I am madly, passionately, and unashamedly in love with God and His word. For me, there is no greater enjoyment than to study His word and then search for cultural connections. Some call this “root cause analysis”, others call it geeky, and I simply call it fascinating!

As I began devotions on the Fruit of the Spirit, I could not help but notice a paradigm of projects circulating the Internet and the World. And yes, there is The Paradigm Project. (Be sure to check this one out. This project caught my interest with the Stoveman initiative.) Take a look below at the small sampling of projects and let me know what you think. Have you noticed this paradigm shift? Are you currently involved in a project? What others have you seen? Are we leaving this so called “Post Christian Culture” (passionately dislike this phrase) and returning to our roots?

Sowing Seeds and Other Roots:

The Projects Project, The Joy Project, The Love Project, The Peace Project, The Patience Project, The Kindness Project, The Goodness Project, The Faithfulness Project, The Gentleness Project, The Happiness Project, The Jesus Project, The Versus Project, The Holy Bible Project, The Holy Avarice Project, The Everyperson Project, The Virtues Project, The Gospel Project, The Due Diligence Project, The Humility Project, The Joy Project, The Love Project, The True Love Project, The Christ Project, The God Project, The Good Work Project, The Career Project, The Religion Project, The Study Project, The Choice Project, The Sadness Project, The Senior Project, The Finance Project, The Church Project, The Home Project, The Car Project, The Baby Project, ……you get the idea.

I will continue to study this paradigm of projects in context with His word and remain hopeful in thinking, a spiritual shift is taking place. Are you encouraged? I would welcome your thoughts. ~Amen :Y

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