Conversations with God ~ Happy… Sad ….Happy….Sad or JOY ~ It’s (not) a Conundrum

Unleash JOY !

Unleash JOY !

“You make known to me the path of life;
In your presence there is fullness of joy;
At your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11)

~ Seekers of the Truth ~

What I am about to say may make you sad ~
What I am about to say will bring you the deepest of Joy~

God is not interested in your happiness or your comfort ~
God desires to fill you with His Joy and provide you comfort in your Sorrows ~

No more happy…sad…happy…sad….unleash JOY ~

Hap•py is an adjective. (External)
adjective \ˈha-pē\
: feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.
: showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment
: pleased or glad about a particular situation, event, etc.

Hap•pi•ness is a noun. (External)
noun \ˈha-pē-nəs\
: the state of being happy
: an experience that makes you happy

Joy is a noun. (Internal and Eternal)
noun \ˈjȯi\
: a feeling of great happiness
: a source or cause of great happiness : something or someone that gives joy to someone
: success in doing, finding, or getting something

Sad is an adjective. (External)
adjective \ˈsad\
a : affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness
(1) : causing or associated with grief or unhappiness
(2) <a sad relaxation of morals —
c : of little worth
: of a dull somber color
— sad•ly adverb
— sad•ness noun

Sor•row is a noun. (Caused and Comforted)
noun \ˈsär-(ˌ)ō, ˈsȯr-\
: a feeling of sadness or grief caused especially by the loss of someone or something
: a cause of grief or sadness

(Credit Acknowledgement: Merriam Webster for definition credits)

Most High and Heavenly Father thank you for the gift of journey and discovery in your JOY.
My prayer is for deepening and exhorting understanding ~Amen :Y

3 thoughts on “Conversations with God ~ Happy… Sad ….Happy….Sad or JOY ~ It’s (not) a Conundrum

  1. As we are filled with HIS joy, we then we receive HIS peace and comfort beyond understanding. And we already filled with the Holy Spirit, who gives us wisdom and understanding, if we are only willing to seek it with open minds and pure hearts.

    Beautiful post for the beginning of the day,

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