Passionate about a Paradigm in God’s Purpose ~ Seeds and Other Roots

Vessels of the Seed

Vessels of the Seed

In a recent post in May I mentioned a notable observation to a shift in Paradigms.

I should also mention a personal passion of mine ~ the Workplace. Well, not so much the workplace, but the people that live there, each and every day. I possess a deep rooted passion about their well-being, as they adjust to all the ever changing paradigms. This was my Wilderness ~ this workplace, this too is theirs, and it may have been, or currently is yours.

The Workplace ~ this is our new mission field.

Not to dive too deeply into workplace and economics but according to Aaron Hurst author of The Purpose Economy, there have been three major paradigms in economies. The Agrarian, the Industrial, and the Information economy.

• The Agrarian Economy which was a set of economic and technological factors that affected agricultural practices. The focus was on food security due to population growth during the 20th century.

• The Industrial Economy which was driven by the use of technology to enable mass production supporting also this large population. Also known as the Industrial Revolution.

• The Information Economy which increased emphasis on informational activities and information industry. Most of us can relate and understand this economy in which we now exist.

According to Hurst and now projected is the upcoming Purpose Economy, “which will enable the capacity to impact personal growth, Community and impact change in the world. The Purpose Economy is about creating meaning impact in service of people and the planet.” T+D Magazine, July 2014

While reading this article there was energy surrounding the ideology and loftiness behind the overall message of purpose. Paradigms are emerging with a noticeable deep desire and need for purpose in our lives, and rightly focused they possess the capacity to positively impact us, and produce authentic change. But as I continued to read Hurst’s comments it was noted how this new purpose economy is reportedly being driven by Maslow’s theory, or the “Maslow Millennial Effect” ~ in essence, self-actualization. According to Hurst, the Millennials are desirous of purpose through self-actualization. Although moral, it places emphasis on self and self-sufficiency. Not so sure I can agree with Hurst on this Millennial observation and definitely opposed to purpose through self.

God’s purpose is not about self-actualization. God’s Purpose is about His actualization and our actualization of Him.

The purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We glorify God by fearing and obeying Him, keeping our eyes on our future home in heaven, and knowing Him intimately. We enjoy God by following HIS purpose for our lives, which enables us to experience true and lasting joy – the abundant life. ~Amen :Y

What are your thoughts ? I would be interested in your comments if you are in the Workplace, are following social paradigms, or have read Hurst’s book. Please forward to

2 thoughts on “Passionate about a Paradigm in God’s Purpose ~ Seeds and Other Roots

  1. Very true, I wholeheartedly agree. The paradigm shift in reality is the leaving of God out of our lives.
    Bob Carr

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