It’s All About the Relationship ~ Don’t You Remember ?

Vessels Ministry Heart of Remembrance“Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord paid attention and heard them and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the Lord and esteemed his name. (Malachi 4:16)

Passion for words and the love of reading were transparent early in my life. I would read just about anything in print, and cereal boxes were my favorite newspaper at breakfast. As I ate my cereal I would also consume everything in print on the box, clearly enjoying the bread on the box, more than the food in the box. In elementary school, probably about the age of nine, one of my reading goals was to read every biography in the library. Fortunately for me it was a small library, but I completed this goal. I remember also challenging my older sister to an all-night reading marathon. My Mom allowed it, and I have fond memories of this reading challenge and spending time with an older sister who shared few interests, nor much in common with a younger sibling. The Boxcar Children ~ we read the entire series that memorable evening.

Vessels Ministry The_Box-Car_Children-1924When life got busy my interest waned, but my passion for books remained. I would now have to say my hobby and my treasure have been my books. I also must confess that along with this reading passion there is also a desire for ownership. I must own my book. Not exactly thrifty, but for me there is little satisfaction with the local Library as a primary reading source, e-books nor Kindle shall never be my path. I desire my own book. I want to hold it, smell it, fold the pages in it, write in it, and save it to read another day. I desire to remember it.

Recently I have discovered that my books also store my memories, my unintentional little hidden treasures. As I browse through a book purchased long ago I find remnants of my life. There may be a bookmark that tells a story, a picture of an event that was taking place, a pressed flower, or my secret notes. Memories of my life are contained within the pages of these books, very subtle, very softly, but nonetheless my memories. You get to know me in these books.

As priceless as my books are I have also discovered that none of these books have taught me as much as our Lords Book ~ the Bible. In it there lies a treasure that ignites our passions in drawing us closer in our relationship to Him. His book, His words are most precious, and are written as a source of life that provides nourishment, and deeply satisfies the yearnings in our soul. He quenches our thirst with His living water through His words and in His Book. I am so richly blessed to have my own book~ a copy of my very own, for therein is a treasure of His precious and lasting remembrance. ~ Amen :Y

4 thoughts on “It’s All About the Relationship ~ Don’t You Remember ?

  1. Oh, no wonder we connect! Although I have a few books on Kindle, I much prefer the touch, sound and smell of pages in a book. Highlights and margin notes remind me of the time and seasons, the essence of a thought, a lesson that jumps out. When I was twelve, my mom and I began exchanging Michener novels; they brought us closer, too.

    My Bibles are filled with marks we well (I read more than one version), and each time I return there is new insight, fresh air to breathe, more love and grace to fill my heart.

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