Journey in HeartWorks – Glimpse the Garden through the Stone


Heart of Stone in the Garden

Heart of Stone in the Garden

The journey to God’s heart begins in Genesis as we peek through the heart of stone and catch a glimpse in the Garden. In the beginning there are ten precious references pointing to the word heart, and showing us in metaphor that the heart can think, speak, grieve, fail, faint, and possess integrity.

These terms are familiar to us for often we refer to our own heart as its own person. How many times have you spoken of your heart as if it were the  life source? How many times have you physically felt the personhood of your heart? I know I refer to it often, as though it were my twin, a sister or my friend ~ a vital piece, a part of the whole. I know that many times I can physically feel those terms in my heart, the distinct pains felt in a heart of sadness, a disappointed heart, or one heart broken. Have you?

As I was reading the references to the heart in Genesis, my own heart was saddened, as God spoke of man’s wickedness. And the words are stronger still, as they are expressed, not merely wicked ~ but evil continually. (Genesis 6:5) In my own minds eye I have never considered myself evil continually, but to a Holy God I know it is true. Yes, I contributed to that sorrow, that grief, and my disobedience touched the very heart of my Lord. (Genesis 6:6)

As I stepped through the stone and felt the grass of the Garden I could feel His presence. As I read His words my own heart felt as though it would explode while travelling from sadness, through sorrow and grief, and surprisingly pausing in joy! In the beginning He relates His own feelings so like my own. God refers to His own heart, and the sorrow of grief in the condition of man. He opens my eyes, through my heart, and I see the Creator God in His mercy coming down to me! In these words God expressing His own sorrow, His own grief, in His Heart for you and for me. Just pause for a brief moment and reflect on this –I don’t know about you, but for me, that fullness of God just swells my heart, to a near point of bursting, and He chisels the stone of my Heart away, in the beginning. ~ Amen: Y

Heartworks Journey: Genesis – In the Beginning

Genesis 6:5, 6:6, 8:21, 17:17, 20:5, 20:6, 24:45, 27:41, 42:28, 45:26

Destination: The Heart of God

Tracking:  Journey next to Exodus.

Journey Milestone:

God comes to us in a personal way in and through our Hearts.

Seek and Share His Treasure in the Journey:

What has touched your heart in your journey?



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