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Miracles in the Morsels

Do you believe in miracles?

Jesus instructs his Disciples in Mathew 17:20 that with little faith there will not be miracles.

Did you hear that? Did you take notice to that remark “with little faith”? This really struck me. He doesn’t say “without faith” but he says, “with little faith”. Our faith must be greater than – must be more than “just a little” in order to have miracles.

“And I brought them to your disciples, and they could not heal him”. (Mathew 17:16)

“Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not cast it out?

“He said to them, “Because of your little faith “(Mathew 19-20)  


The miracle of the Resurrection of Christ gives us hope of eternal life. This is one of Jesus’ greatest miracles. This sets Christianity apart – the miracle of the Resurrection. As I began to take a look at a few of the miracles of Jesus there was something that stood out. It wasn’t so much the miracles themselves or the fact that they were all amazing.

What I noticed in the miracles was that Jesus was always doing – take a look.

Not only was the birth of Jesus a miracle but he was always doing in the miracles of the Changing, the Healing, the Catching, even the Cursing, the Feeding, the Raising, the Calming, the Walking, the Restoring, the Resurrecting and the Ascending. Jesus was not sitting idle. He was doing.

Jesus was “faithing”.   Do you know what that means for you, what that means for me?

The First Move is Yours – Faithing – Believing


The Miracles of Jesus

“Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book. But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. (John 20:30)


The Virgin Birth

Mathew 1:18-25

Changing Water into Wine

John 2:1-11


Royal Official’s Son – John 4:46-54

Capernaum Demonic – Mark 1:21-28

Peter’s Mother in Law – Luke 4: 38-39

Healing the Sick – Luke: 40-41; Mathew 8:16; Mark 1:32

Healing a Leper – Luke 5:12-15; Mathew 8:1-4; Mark 1:40-45

Healing a Centurion’s Servant – Luke 7:1-10; Mathew 8:5-13

Healing a Paralyzed Man – (Matthew 9:1-8, Mark 2:1-12, Luke 5:18-26)

Healing a Withered Hand – (Matthew 12:9-14, Mark 3:1-6, Luke 6:6-10)

Healing the Demon Possessed Man – (Matthew 8:28-32, Mark 5:1-13, Luke 8:26-33)

Healing the Woman Suffering with Internal Bleeding – (Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48)

Healing Two Blind Men – (Matthew 9:27-31)

Healing a Mute Demon Possessed Man – Mathew 9:32-33

Healing the Crippled Man – John 5:1-17

Healing of many in Gennesaret – (Matthew 14:34-36; Mark 6:53-56)

Healing a Girl Possessed by Demon – (Matthew 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30)

Healing the Deaf Man with Speech Impediment- Mark 7:31-37

Healing a Blind Man – Mark 8:22-26

Healing a Man Born Blind – John 9:1-41

Healing a Blind and Mute Man Possessed – (Matthew 12:22-23, Luke 11:14)

Healing a Boy Possessed by Demon – (Matthew 17:14-20, Mark 9:17-29, Luke 9:37-43)

Healing a woman with an 18 year infirmity(Luke 13:10-13)

Healing a Man with Dropsy – Luke 14:1-6

Healing of 10 Men with Leprosy – Luke: 17:11-19

Healing Bartimaeus of Blindness – (Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52, Luke 18:35-43)


The Catching of Fish – Luke 5:3-1

Catching a Fish with Coin – (Matthew 17:24-27)

Catching of the 153 Fish – The Great Harvest of Fish (John 21:4-11)


Jesus Curses the Fruitless Fig Tree – (Matthew 21:18-22; Mark 11:12-14, 20-25)


Feeding the Multitude of 5,000 – (Matthew 14:16-21, Mark 6:35-44, Luke 9:12-17, John 6:5-14)

Feeding the 4,000 – (Matthew 15:29-39, Mark 8:1-10)



Raising a Widow’s Son – Luke 7:11-17

Raising Jairus’ Daughter – (Matthew 9:18-19, 23-25; Mark 5:22-24, 35-43; Luke 8:41-42, 49-56)

Raising of Lazarus – John 11:1-44


Calming the Stormy Sea – (Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25)


Walking on Water – (Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52, John 6:16-21)


Restoring a Severed Ear(Luke 22:45-54)


The Resurrection of Jesus – (1 Corinthians 15, Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20)


The Ascension of Jesus – Acts 1:1-11


Have you made the first move to faithing? ~ Amen: Y

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