Oxygen of Prayer – What do you pray for ?

Vessels Ministry Prayer

“Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” (John 16:25)

During Sunday morning church service the pastor experienced some difficulty with his voice. You could tell that it was preventing him from engaging the congregation at the level he was accustomed. He cleared his voice a few times but his throat was not responding. He then calmly stopped his sermon, gently folded his arms, bowed his head and prayed for God to clear his voice. For some reason the authenticity of this approach to prayer gave me pause. The request was made reverently yet in casual conversation. He just expectedly asked for what he needed as though he were having a conversation with his best friend. And you know what ~ he was. And you know what ~ his voice cleared and he delivered the remainder of his sermon without any difficulty with his throat. A small miracle you might say yet an immediate answer to this pastor’s prayer.

I strongly believe in the power of prayer but lately I have been pondering if I truly experience the deeper meaning of prayer.
What does God say about prayer? It was crystal clear to me that this Pastor knew and was fully engaged in his prayer life relationship with God. His immediate and gentle actions spoke to my heart and my spirit. Like I said, it gave me pause. And I had to ask myself these questions.

What does prayer mean to you?

How do you approach God in prayer?

What are your expectations?

Do you spontaneously pray as this Pastor did?

What do your prayers sound like?

Do you have expectations for outcomes? What are they?

How do you pray for yourself, others?

How often do you pray and when?

Are your prayers relational?

What do you pray for?

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for showing me through the actions of others the many ways I can more fully know you. I desire the relational, spontaneous, and expectant experience of prayer with you. Grow me in your experience of prayer. Amen: Y

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