More than Morsels – Jonah – Not Just a Whale of a Tale

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

“And should not I pity Nineveh, that great city, in which there are more than 120,000 persons who do not know their right hand from their left, and also much cattle”. (Jonah 4:11)

As a child I had heard the story of Jonah and how in his attempt to run from God was swallowed by a great fish and lived in its belly for three days. That in itself is an amazing story but it only skims the surface of truth in this Godly “whale of a tale”. Have you ever read the book of Jonah? Not just read – but slowly soaked in the word? Recently I took another look at Jonah and was, once again, amazed at the depth of the Word of God. God’s Word is astounding and much more than a mere morsel or fish tale. Allow God to delight you in His word and take a plunge; get hooked; get caught up in the amazing four chapters of Jonah. You will experience wisdom beyond the depths of the sea and once again, be astounded and blessed by God’s Word.

Last year you may have read the news reports of the destruction of the Tomb of Jonah on July 24, 2014, reportedly by ISIS. I found this interesting since all three religious faiths of Christians, Jews, and Muslims have an acknowledgement of the prophet Jonah. I also found it interesting that this tomb is reportedly located in the former capital of Nineveh. This was the very town where Jonah was sent by God to preach so they might repent and be saved. Jonah did not want God to save Nineveh. But with some Godly persuasion, Jonah preached in Nineveh, the people repented and were saved from destruction.

Now reportedly Jonah’s tomb is destroyed. Do you think Jonah stayed in Nineveh after he preached there?

Do you think God cares about the destruction of Jonah’s Tomb; a “High Place” of worship?

I am not sure, and I suppose that is a story for another day, but I thought it was very interesting that this event took place. How about you – do you find this interesting?

“Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying,” (Jonah 1:1)

Whoa…we are just getting started. Take a breath before the plunge. Did you hear that?

“The Word of the Lord came to Jonah”.

Have you experienced the Word of the Lord?

“The son of Amittai”.  The meaning of Amittai is “my truth”.  (Hebrew – Strong’s Hebrew 573)

Have you experienced God’s Truth?

Vessels Ministry FishersAnd Jesus also speaks of the sign of Jonah and the great fish in His word:

“For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. (Mathew 12:40)

Heavenly Father, thank you for the richness of your Word and the depth of Wisdom in its Truth.
~ Amen :Y

“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable are his judgements and how inscrutable his ways! (Romans 11:33)

2 thoughts on “More than Morsels – Jonah – Not Just a Whale of a Tale

    • It is very interesting to parallel the Bible to History and now it seems our current events bring and breathe God’s truth even more to light and Life. Thank you Denine for your light. ~ Amen :Y

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