A Grateful Daughter

Vessels Ministry Praise

As a Christian I am not a religion. I have put on the greatest honor of the name of Christ and I am fully clothed in His identity. I do not deserve this honor and I am humbled each and every day that He has offered me His Grace. I am not worthy and the only thing that allows me worthiness of declaring I am Christian is His Grace, great sacrifice, and indwelling presence. This was a costly gift therefore it is not it is not to be taken for granted and it is definitely not about me. It is all about Christ. He has graciously brought me to this knowledge and the end of my “self” and for that I have the deepest of gratitude and thankfulness, and all I want to do is to know and imitate all that He is in the fulfillment of His great purpose and tell others.

This makes me a follower of Christ and endues the desire to be an imitator of all that He is. I know this within my spirit because it agrees with His spirit that dwells within me as they talk with each other. He has generously gifted His Spirit and His Word, and with the help of these gifts I can learn how to imitate Him. In imitating Him I want to please Him, and to please Him I desire only what He desires. He has revealed Himself in many ways but clearly in His Word as it expresses what He desires and commands as Lord.

Love the Lord with all my heart, mind, soul and strength; walk humbly
Love my neighbor as myself; show mercy, do what’s right and care about people
and make more disciples as this experience is shared with others in what I have come to know and experience about Him.

Christ instructs all His followers to go and this does not mean that I have to take a trip. It means that each and every day no matter where I am, what I do, or my circumstance, I am called and compelled to talk about Him and walk like Him in all that I say and do. This is the challenge and my daily cross because of the nature of my flesh and He provides help with this also as I remain focused and devoted to Him, through His Word, by staying in prayer, and spending time with others who mutually desire this same Christ likeness and fellowship, support, and encouragement in Christian love and forgiveness because we are building upon what He calls His church, which by the way is not about a building although we are grateful in support because we do meet there and He is there also. It’s really more about “a building upon” and it’s all about living out the life in His spirit because of His sacrifice and to His great glory.

In other words, when speaking individually it is about Christ living in me, operating through me, as me, as I clothe myself in His identity as a Christian, in honor of His great name in demonstration and devotion and by telling others. Amen: Y
(Galatians 2:20)

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