Vessels Ministry Reflections

Sages, Acorns and Appleseeds


Chapter 1            Genesis of Memories

It’s of interest that the first memory of life would be that of looking into a mirror. The reflection of self.

The genesis of the memory is so very clear; a girl sitting at a tiny square table with two chairs. The table is positioned against a wall and the girl is sitting alone.   She is trying to see her reflection in a tiny handheld mirror, while at the same time, free her hands. She places the mirror between the wall and table in an attempt to hold it steady. One quick gaze and the mirror slips and crashes to the floor breaking. The feelings of this little girl are grown up ones; remorse, that she had attempted to secure the mirror in this fashion, regret, that she will no longer be able to see her reflection, a sense of loss that a new possession was so quickly taken away, and lastly; guilt and fear, that her actions would be discovered and she would be scolded.   This little girl would not find consoling for her sense of loss; because she instantly allowed her senses to become overshadowed by her fear. There would be no consolation for this girl. She would hide her deed. This memory is her Genesis.

Chapter 2            A Seeking

A little girl would seek her worth out of an unchosen and broken innocence. She would place an experience in a box and label the world unsafe.   A tiny worldview would impact choices in a life to transform. There would be no consolation for this girl. Yet, her hope would not be destroyed as she labored for the light and the experience brought darkness and shame in her tiny worldview. The little girl would compartmentalize her invisible scars and would not name “Blame” to define her destiny.

Chapter 3            A Wandering

Decades of dreams and memories pass. Collateral damage exist and a perplexity in the searching and seeking of self. The life is aware and professes the belief and knowledge of God. It will be decades before an overwhelming realization that God was present, God was waiting, but God was not truly and intimately known.

Chapter 4            A Quickening

There was a dream of a young girl. Her surroundings were poor but she would not label her life as such. She looked up with a tiny dirty face and hair disheveled from a day at play. Her face would ignite in a light as her tiny form quickened in response to a query and the sound of a name ~ Jesus

Chapter 5            Life in the Soil; Soilworks / Soulworks –

There was a dream of life in the soil. The seedlings were bursting in spontaneity of popping. The soil was rich and the seedlings emerged. There would be life in the soil and a new reflection of a sovereign purpose.

Chapter 6            HeartWorks in Conversations with God

It’s all about the relationship and the reflections of our true selves in the hearts of others. The work of the heart begins with a conversation and the relationship builds from His Word.                    

Chapter 7            Morphed in Miracles and a Message in a Vessel

A sovereign and unique purpose – It’s All About Him. ~ Amen :Y

In 2014 a journey began in reflections of footprints, and the many lives that have touched my own. But the most important aspect of this journey was developing a true intimacy with God. This was the very best year of my life, and it is currently being documented in Sages, Acorns and Appleseeds. I wanted my friends at WordPress to be the first to view chapters in summary.   Wordpess unintentionally became my workspace in 2014 and I have been most unexpectedly blessed by what I found here ~ You all.

Thank you for sharing your heart with me this year. I have been amazingly blessed by you. Amen :Y


“May not a single moment of my life be spent outside the light, love and joy of God’s presence and not a moment without the entire surrender of myself as a vessel to him to fill full of his spirit and love.”  Andrew Murray


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    • Thank you for your time in reading Reflections. It is an unpublished work. I have completed a published work which I hope to share soon. Thank you for all you do and your insight into God’s work – always find a blessing. Enjoy the day!

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