Seeking Vessels

(5)                      We are wonderfully and restlessly made to seek.  As we begin our journey, for what we seek, we do not know.  John 14:6 enlightens us with “IAM the way and the truth and the life.”  This does not describe the IAM ~ this is who he is.  IAM is the Way, IAM is the Truth and IAM is the Life. As his vessels this is what we seek.  As we discover this we rest in the IAM.

It’s About

It’s about an ancient tale of a man who had caught the first drop of Sun.  He kept it inside his lantern and he never felt fear again.”  It’s about the” greatest sin in the desert ~ finding water and not sharing”.  It’s about building a life from the Word with words.  It’s about, “thinking the thoughts of God, after him”. It’s about the unsearchable, the seen, the unseen, it’s about IAM, and you are, knowing and being known.  It’s about a journey in the form of a vessel, with a dash in the middle, and a destination in the end.  It’s about more than can be expressed in just about, and wanting to know more about ~ your about.

What are your thoughts about~ about ?